Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What are Your Responsibilities vs Your Sponsors Responsibilities

I have been on both ends of this subject, 
Both feeling frustrated with my sponsor for not meeting my expectations.
And being the sponsor providing the support and guidance only to find people
Not following through and looking elsewhere for the support I have already given.
I have witnessed it happen to my business partners and this subject is prevalent in our industry.
What do we do??
We take responsibility for our Business, we do the things 
and learn the things we need to learn and we move forward and 
make it happen.
We do not wait behind or allow anyone to hold us back from reaching for our desires.
We continue to support and encourage those who do the work,
make the time for it and have no excuses.
If you are going to be the great success I know you can be in Network marketing,
You will have to realize that You can not do it for them,
they must do it for themselves.
You must foster that in the people you bring into your business
and be vigilant about the interview.
Learn to recognise those that do not have it in them and let them go.
Dont look back.
You can help those that Want to be helped and have the Will to do it.
Every Time you allow someone to take up your time unnecessarily, 
you rob that time from the folks that Are Ready to get to work.

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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