Monday, January 6, 2014

This Video Will Change Your Life!! Dakotas Story

Look.... It just keeps getting bigger, and better and more epic. Check it out.... Dakota, is 19 years old - and at our last event 3 months ago in San Diego... ... he packed a cooler, drove 1000+ miles, slept in his car.... ....and showered on the beach with the homeless. However, at that event - something 'clicked' for him - and NOW he's living on the beach in Thailand, building his business overlooking the ocean.... ......on his own
terms. See sometimes, you have to make a decision and just do whatever it takes to live your dreams, like Dakota did. Sometimes you have to be BOLD. You have to be FEARLESS. You have to stop listening to all the damn people who are trying to steal your dreams and you have to TAKE ACTION. And if you you do..... You'll finally have a chance to step into the ring and fight for the title. But if you never take action... ... you'll stay stuck right where you are and life will continue the same way it is for you right now. 

 The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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