Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Google Social Media Optimization with Tribes

Everyone of Google Plus has heard of Circle Shares. These are amazing ways to Boost your Google Social Media Optimization tremendously. But What I have noticed that hasn't been done yet is a Tribe Just for Posts! I created a Community lat last night and wanted to be sure the WHOLE world was invited to participate. Here's the Scoop!

This is a Community of people that want to utilize the network of a tribe to help Social Media Exposure and Social Media Optimization.  
Daily we will have a Thread in Which You ad the Google Plus Link of the post you would like more interaction on. 
ONLY one Post per day, and if you participate by adding your Google Plus Link you must return the G + to others in the Thread. 
This is a Very Powerful way to get your message out and Maximize Google Authority. 
NO PORN, NO Direct Blog Links NO Direct Video Links It must be the Post with in G+

Here is the Video to Learn how to Grab your G+ post link and Place it in the Plus Thread of the Day!

Join Today!


 The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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 Bonus Video For YOU!

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