Monday, September 30, 2013

Stop Throwing Money Down the Drain...

  1. Most people don't bother to Budget. And when they do they leave out the Number One thing : Pay Yourself First.
  2. Most people think that a business investment is too risky. Wealthy people see business as the way to wealth.Most peoples taxes are too High. People that own their own business pay less taxes, they also pay the taxes last. Most people have their taxes taken first, like at your job. 
  3. Most people over spend on unnecessary items. And many times they take out loans on those Items they can't afford. Wealthy people do not buy high ticket items they can not afford... PERIOD. And when they do buy them they purchase them with money earned from assets, not wages.
  4. Most people are fixated on saving, Wealthy people focus on earning.
  5. Most people don't pay attention to goals or time frames to complete those goals. Wealthy people set goals, set a time frame to complete those goals, then they Take Action to Accomplish those goals in the time they determined.
  6. Most people carry around negative emotional attachments to LACK. Wealthy people focus on abundance.

It's Time to stop letting your money go down the drain. It's time to develop healthy prosperous money habits. Start today:

  • Pay Yourself FIRST 20% right off the top, no matter how difficult you may feel that is, just do it. Drop all excuses.
  • Make a business investment, start your own home based business, and reap the benefits of some major tax advantages.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, buy anything you do not need or cannot pay for in cash with out having any negative affect on your ability to care for yourself. Never mortgage a home you can not COMFORTABLY afford, and Never buy a flat screen TV with a tax return.
  • Keep Your Eyes out for opportunity, and stop hording.
  • Set goals, Give your goals a time frame, and then Bust your but to achieve them.
  • Rewrite your Money Story. Develop a healthy relationship with money. Do not allow broke folks to give you negative financial advice.
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The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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