Friday, August 16, 2013

2 Victories In One!

WOW! What a Morning!
You have all seen my posts about OneUp Marketing System, and may hap your even tired of hearing about it, But I have something More to share!
My Personal Enrolled Team member in My Primary Business, Evolv, Has Just Hit Her First Major Rank! This is HUGE on so many levels.
First, I am supper Proud of Jennifer because I brought her into Evolv and I love to see my team become successful and hit there goals. She is now 50% on her way to her Second Promotion and I see great momentum happening in her business. Don't be surprised when she starts announcing Her people hitting 2k!
Second, because Jennifer was at a turning point just over a month ago. Her friends and Family were tired of hearing about Evolv, they simply weren't serious about Health and or Passive Residual Income. Her List had run dry and Jennifer KNEW she had to do something about it. Jennifer Joined OneUp Marketing to help her attract Serious people to her business. She just KNEW that there are Thousands Upon Thousands of people out there that ARE looking for an Opportunity like hers. She just didn't know how to start or where to begin. OneUp Changed that and Now she is attracting Hundreds of QUALIFIED leads and developing relationships. This has greatly helped her in her primary business and has helped her to earn some extra money at the same time. This morning she Hit 2 k! And the Fun isn't going to stop there!
So Give a Big Shout out to Jennifer Sasser for taking action!! Amazing things happen when you take action!

And You too will start seeing these Kind of RESULTS and getting these emails here:

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The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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