Monday, July 1, 2013

The American Dream and Generation Y

I know it was hard when I graduated from High school back in 1989. We had been raised to believe that getting really good grades, following the rules, going to college and a good JOB was the AMERICAN dream. And it may have been for many, especially for our parents, the baby boomers. As I sit here and write this blog post, I know that this is not the American Dream, nor was it for those in my graduating class. I grew up in an affluent area of the country where a majority of students graduated high school and went on to college.  Don't get me wrong, we had our disenfranchised youth ( I was one of them) but all in all most folks did pretty good for themselves and most of my peers were well off and from well off families. What happened next was the interesting part.
24 years have past and many of my fellow high school alumni have had children, and some are just beginning that journey. Somewhere in there is Generation Y. Generation Y are the children born between the 1980's and the 2000's. Some of them are our children and let me make it perfectly clear that GenY KNOWS that getting a good job is not sustainable anymore. As a matter of fact, it was only real for a short period of time in the history of America. As my generations parents are entering their retirements, the prevalence of severely low income, lost pension plans, 401k's and a lack of an actual retirement is startling.
Seventy-five percent of Americans nearing retirement age in 2010 hadless than $30,000 in their retirement accounts. The specter of downward mobility in retirement is a looming reality for both middle- and higher-income workers. Almost half of middle-class workers, 49 percent, will be poor or near poor in retirement, living on a food budget of about $5 a day.  (NYTimes)
So What  does that mean for the kids just graduating high school and college?
And if the 1.7 million young adults who have stopped looking for jobs were taken into account, unemployment rates would be 16.4 percent (SeattleTimes)
Bleak to say the least, especially for those in that age group that have truly believed that pursuing the "American Dream" was the answer. Good news is that Gen Y is an innovative ground breaking generation of smart people that are ready to set new standards and pursue their dreams with out the old paradigm. They actually see that the old paradigm was put in place to fool people and hold them from their greatness. That system was put in place to restrict growth, you see, when a whole generation believes that becoming a good employee is an "American Dream" those that actually went for the American Dream have an endless and affordable work force. Now that work force has been out sourced and no longer profitable to maintain.

Everyday I meet young people that are hungry and driven. In my personal team I am seeing a substantial growth in business partners under the age of 21.  Everyday I receive phone calls, messages and emails asking for the information I have. Bright, entrepreneurial people looking for an opportunity to achieve the lifestyles they desire and the legacies they want for their families. Their enthusiasm has encouraged me. I feel good about the future. It has become one of my personal missions to build a team of Unstoppable Generation Y Entrepreneurs. Generation Y is the most exciting group of people in the world.
If you are one of them, or know one of them, I have some valuable information and education for you. Remember, You do not have to be perfect, YOU HAVE TO BE HUNGRY.

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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