Thursday, July 18, 2013

Questions Answered - OneUp Marketing

Hello Folks! I have been getting So many questions about OneUp Marketing over the past week. The One that has been asked the MOST is:
How can this Help be with my primary Business?
So I thought a GOTO place for this answer would be best and far easier than responding to 60 + FB messages .

How many of you have had a difficult time raising the $1,000 it costs to open a Home Based Business? And if not you, how many times have you had someone want to be your partner so bad, but simply could not afford it after taking care of their expenses?  Go Ahead, take a moment to write that down. Imagine how far along on your compensation plan you would be if you could have helped those people earn that money with little to no effort at all..... I'll Wait.....
OneUp Marketing is what seasoned Network Marketers call a Funded Front End Proposal. Why?
Because for Little Monies ( Less than the cost to travel to a JOB per week) Anyone can begin to make RIGHT NOW MONEY to fund their Initial investment into Your Home Based Business. On top of that, They can continue to earn that Money while they are Building their Legacy residual income. Did you know that 99% of people Quit their Home Based Business because it is actually work and takes a little while to build a strong residual income. I Know, I know, no one quits a JOB just because it takes a few months to get a raise, but in Home Based Business, they don't want to wait, get discouraged and quit.  Now I want you to Imagine how far along in your Compensation Plan you would be if All of your team were making REAL money while they built their Legacy Residual Income..... I'll wait....
I Know what You are thinking, You are thinking about that promotion you have been shooting for that has been just out of your grasp because of the very reasons I have talked about here.
Now I know you have heard of MLSP and Empower Network. They are Front End Funded proposals too. Let me explain how we are different...
MLSP is far too complicated and time consuming for the new or busy Home Based Business Owner. AND OneUp Marketing was developed by the Man that Put MLSP on the Map.
Empower Network Is plain  WAY too expensive and is Far to difficult to even earn an incomeif you are not ALL IN. Besides You can't even promote it on Facebook!
Both programs are simply NOT Duplicatable, and that Is your Favorite Word in Home Based Business. If someone doesn't feel they can or actually can't do what you are doing to earn money, they won't.... they will quit.... they will find someone they can duplicate and go earn money there. THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT.
You wan to help People make Money not drive them off to someone else.
Take 30 minutes of your time to hear Cedrick Harris Explain it all.
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PS If your Home Based Business does not "ALLOW" Front End Funded Proposals You need to consider if they are Really wanting you to maximize their own Compensation plan. Thats Why Promoters of Visalus are Leaving by the Bus Load. So If you are Currently With Visalus, You may want to talk to me about a New Home Based Business that will.

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff



  1. Woo Hoo!!! Finally a place to go to succeed in this industry. Thank You Tara.

  2. I really like how you lay it all on the line Tara. No money, no success.
    Thanks for sharing!