Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Losing Money Sucks.... A Note From Cedrick Harris

Stop Losing Money

Hi Ya'll!
 My business partner Cedrick Harris just shared this with me today and I could Not, Not share it with you!
Let me Just say This.... If my Mom can do this, so can you, if my daughter can do this, so can you. The investment into your Future is less than the cost of a full tank of gas.  WAY less! I'll be honest, I did not know about his experience with AdSurf Daily. Alls I know is that I have been watching him grow his career over the years and when I had the opportunity to become his business partner I ACTED ON IT. My Only regret is that I did not take that action sooner. So If you have been watching me over the years, Take Action Now, because I just hit the Jackpot! Okay, with out further ado, here's what Cedrick shared with me today :
"Im sure you probably agree with me. I mean, who wants to lose any of their hard earned $$?
You see, back in 2007 I got caught in a situation of losing 20k ina company that pissed me off to the highest point of piss of tivity;)
Maybe you heard of the company... AdSurf Daily.
They promised leads...They promised guaranteed daily cash...They promised the best leadership...They promised they werent a scam...
Well, truthfully, they lied about it ALL!
2 weeks after getting involved, the Feds came in and seized 93 Milliondollars!!! Yes 93 MILLION!!!
Why do you even care though?
You see, that loss of 20k is the reason why you're on my list right nowreading this email. If it wasn't for that loss, I would have never creatednumerous Youtube videos talking about this and creating a mass following.
But that experience, made me VOW to never get caught in that situationagain.
Which brings me to today.
Have you been promised the world in your company or system?Have you been promised leads you aren't getting?Have you been struggling trying to figure out the "WAY?"
If you answered yes to even 1 of those questions, you deserve to tapinto the "source" of how to fix that with our new system OneUP Marketing.
You see, OneUp is designed by marketers (me and my partner) for marketers.
Its designed to cure that "lead" and "cash" problem you may be havingno matter what business you may be in.
Whether you have that problem today or tomorrow, at some point you willbe faced with the issue of needing more leads and more cash.
And if you're at that point right now, eliminate your PAIN below.
Check out OneUp Marketing Here  
If you already have plenty of leads and cash flow, well I guess thisemail was a waste of your time;)
Since I doubt thats the case, go here now  
Now, just in case you need that warm and fuzzy feeling about the system,Im going to take it one step further and do something 9/10 marketers willnever do.
Im going to give you my REAL phone number.
Because maybe you wanna make sure IM real and they system is real. Notto mention you might just want to tell my "hi" and let me know how muchyou love me;)
Just kidding.
But, heres my number in case you have a question or 2, don't hesitate tocall me, Im a real person.
Dial xxx.xxx.xxxx ( Changed it because if you really want to talk with Cedrick I can put you on the phone with him SO call me 727.280.6771)
Just do me a favor...
Call with a purpose. Be ready to take MASSIVE ACTION.Understand time is money, so don't waste it!
With that, I either look forward to your phone call or you going directly to the OneUp Marketing Link and get started creating a massive cashflow and lead flow RIGHT NOW.

C You At The Bank,
P.S. Hesitating can cost you a bunch of money, are you in the businessof giving money away?"

I Love this guy! Straight Talk, Real People Makin it happen!

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff


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