Friday, June 21, 2013

Whats With Candy Crush Saga?

I am not the only one on the planet that has played their fair share of Social Games Like Farm Town. These days I limit my Income reducing activities to a very bare minimum. Especially being a social entrepreneur, getting sucked into Facebook games is just plain ol deadly. I say this because when I was looking at the top trends of the day on the internet, Candy Crush Saga was Number ONE! Not to mention it is all over the news feed on Facebook, I mean people are REALLY focusing on it.
Okay, let me get this straight. With all the things going on around us how on earth could the trends on Facebook and Search engines actually be Candy Crush Saga. I wonder if Candy Crush Saga folks are escaping from a life they are not happy with... Could it be Money? Relationships? Work? The News?
How Bout this... maybe the problems with those things are now becoming a result of the escape being used. I mean, Candy Crush Saga is a symptom right? Or has it evolved into a cause...
What If I said to a Candy Crush person, that If they gave me the same amount of energy and time as they do that Income reducing activity, their Whole Life would turn around....
How Bout we all take a cold hard look at ANY Income Reducing Activity and ELIMINATE IT. How bout we focus on our own self improvement as hard as we want to escape. How bout we give ourselves a chance... You want entertainment, so do I, why not have constructive self improving entertainment. Why not read a good story, learn to do something new, get out of the house? Why Not Play The Cash Flow Game?

This has been a good lesson for me today, I will do myself a favor, and drastically reduce all income reducing activities.
Funny I made a video earlier today about selling a TV and using the money begin a business. Dropping a Cable bill to fund that business overhead... Take a look:
I Promise, it won't waste your time :

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff


UPDATE: This here is a post on Facebook tonight from a person that complained to me about not having money to start a small side business from home. Now I know why:

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