Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Operation Freedom ~

When you think of FREEDOM, what comes to your mind? Do all of the things you perceive as limiting rise to the top of your mind or do you immediately feel FREE? May hap it is a mixture of both, I know that's it for me. A little of both come right to my attention. Last night I met with my friends on a Google Hangout to discuss the book we are reading, 
Think and Grow Rich: The Original 1937 Unedited Edition This meeting we went over Chapter 3 "Faith" and it really got me thinking as we went over what we all gleaned from the chapter individually. I saw that we all had such different take~aways form it and we all had so much to offer each other. One major thing I learned is that we all teach and learn from one another, and that is a beautiful thing. This gave me the inspiration to develop "Operation Freedom" I will be launching the full details shortly. The purpose of this post is to ask you all what you would like to Free Yourself Into, or Free Yourself From. Really give it some thought and write it down. Feel Free to email mail what you have discovered right to me @, this way I can specifically focus in on things you all want to improve or add to your life. ALSO, write down the things you have overcome and freed yourself from or INTO and send them to me as well, If you like. This way YOUR experience can be shared (openly or anonymously) with folks that join us on our Operation Freedom. I can tell you this: OPERATION FREEDOM is FREE! Be Sure to Subscribe to stay in the Loop! Lets Be FREE! VIDEO UPDATE:

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff



  1. I feel freedom from holding myself back. Being able to go farward with what ever I please without the lil me slowing me down.

    1. YES! Freedom from Self Destructive thoughts about ourselves!