Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Break Out of Your Shell!

As a business woman hell bent on helping people be successful in their own, I often hear various different levels of  "shyness". For example I will talk to someone that is totally ready in every way to lock arms with me and create a legacy, except they are afraid to talk to people. The excuses run the gamut. Aside form the REQUIREMENT that YOUR DESIRE MUST BE SO STRONG IT SHADOWS ALL DOUBT, the actual picking up the phone or asking for a phone number still may need some confidence training.
How does one develop confidence in a relatively short period of time?
Here are my suggestions:

  1. Start a Public 30 Day Video Challenge. Open a YouTube account, and Commit to making one video a day for AT LEAST 30 days (the pros run on 90 day cycles, so you may want to increase the days or run 3 in a row). Here is a video from one of my business partners that is tackling this issue head on:

Notice how she is better at this than she may have thought, notice she looks at the camera. I really was impressed with this video and I know she will overcome what she perceives as a limitation.

     2. PRACTICE. The old saying goes something like, you have to fail a lot, to become a success. I could not agree more. Find a script, and practice it. Practice it with the mirror, the dog, your cat, your children, your Parents, Your Boyfriend or girlfriend. Practice with anyone that will let you. Then you will move on to people you are attracting into your opportunity.

     3. Personal Development. Do it all the time, leaders are readers. Connect with your inner guru, release your inner bad ass!  Below this blog post is a book store FILLED with personal development tools. Again, I highly suggest reading and practicing the Healing Codes.

    4. Join a Book Club. This will get you out there speaking and seeing people face to face. This will help you to develop relationships, Opinions, and people skills.

   5. Start Making EYE contact. Everywhere you go, go out of your way to look people in the eye. If you go somewhere where people wear name tags, USE their Names and talk to them. Crack a joke, develop your wit.

   6. COMPLIMENT people. When you see something you like, do not keep it to yourself. Tell the person, Ask for the manager and tell them too. Start being a person that people get used to hearing good things from.

   7. Pick up the Phone and CALL ME. Whats the worst that could happen? We both learn something... You talk to me I listen. Life is good!

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff


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