Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 in 1 = 200 in CASH Bonus

Watch a special video from Evolv Ambassador Ryan Chamberlin explaining our summer incentive to help you earn some extra cash that you can use to pay your way to the 2K Summit in Dallas!
From Saturday, June 1 - Friday, June 28, 2013 when you enroll 3 people with a Starter or Momentum Marketing Kit in one week*, you will receive an additional $200 bonus on top of what you already would receive!
You don't have to stop at 3! When you go for 6 new enrollments with a Marketing Kit in a week, you can earn $400! Plus, you can receive this additional bonus every week in the month of June! That means a potential of some great extra cash in the month of June on top of your normal commissions! A
s a special bonus, if you earn this special incentive in June, you will also be invited to the 2K Summit** Friday Night Luau Party for Rubies and Above and a special goal setting session with NY Best Seller and Hall of Fame Speaker, Vince Poscente.
Be sure to register today for your nearest Evolv H.O.P.E. Day in your area on Saturday, June 29th! Visit our event page to register for locations!
*Weekly pay cycle is Saturday through Friday Midnight CT. Offer good in all markets between June 1 - 30, 2013.
** You must also be 2K to attend this event.
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