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One of my Favorite all time business inspiration books is Ryan "Blair's Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain" Am I am excited to announce that a Paper back version has been released, Now with added wisdom from the past year. I relate to his story so much. Though I never joined a gang, I wasn't the most stand up citizen in my youth. One major thing I was missing then a was Solid Male Role Model. My parents were divorced and my father wanted nothing to do with being a father to me, My grand father passed when I was 11 and my Mom was working 2 full time jobs just to scrape by. I had a lot of time to get in trouble and I did. I am promoting this book because I want all people to know that it is never too late, you always have the opportunity to make your way, If Ryan Blair can do it, so can we. Do yourself a favor, pick this book up ASAP, make it two and give one to someone you think would benefit from Ryans's Wisdom!

Excerpt : “Find anyone better than you are at what you want to do, and start there.” Page 77


“Ryan Blair’s story proves how success is a choice—and finding the right mentors can change your life and destiny. Devour this book and share it with someone young you love and mentor—today!”
—David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and founder of

“Ryan is one of the most innovative and enthusiastic young men I've met. He is always one step ahead of others, which means there is much we all can learn from him.”
—John Wooden, UCLA Hall of Fame head coach

“I can think of no better person to offer advice on how to handle a ‘nothing to lose’ moment than Ryan Blair. He has absolutely made the most of those times in his life. Anyone who is considering tough career decisions needs to grab hold of his book and these lessons.”
—Dale Brown, LSU Hall of Fame head coach

“We all seek excuses to keep us from greatness. Ryan Blair takes your excuses and punches them in the mouth. This book grabbed me by my shirt collar, forced me into a chair, and wouldn’t let me up until I saw how it ended.”
Chris Brogan, coauthor of Trust Agents and The Impact Equation

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