Friday, February 8, 2013

The Thing About Garlic

Garlic... The Thing about Garlic...
I love Garlic and have been consuming garlic nearly everyday since I was a child. I love the smell of it, I love the taste of it. I always assumed that Garlic was really super good for you.  Then recently I came across a picture on Facebook, talking about how Garlic is BAD for Brain function, and actually Dumbs people down.  I resisted even investigating this further until I was looking at an Ashram Website. Among the items not allowed at the Ashram, were GARLIC and Onions, right there with Cigarettes and Alcohol. WHAT!
So My search for the truth about Garlic began.

Did You Know...
Buddhism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism (its own branch of Buddhism), Chinese Taoism, Ayurveda, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese Zen (all far-flung disciplines developing for millennia somewhat independent of each other) all consider a certain group of plants to be unfit for regular human consumption even though they may, on careful occasions only, use them medicinally.  Each of these cultural traditions speaks of the ills that will befall those eating from this group of plants regularly. The ills range from the physical to the spiritual.

Now I also have heard that garlic is good for lowering LDL Cholesterol levels, then I found this study by Stanford School of Medicine“Our study had the statistical power to see any small differences that would

So what is a Garlic Lover to do?

How bout, do some research and if you know any one with access to brain wave equipment, do an experiment. If you do, I would love to see the results! As for me, I am going to cut it out of my diet completely at least during my Seva, and then pay special attention to how I 'feel' when i do have garlic again.

This article is the MOST comprehensive article I found on the subject. She has many references for you to explore!

The Stinking Rose a Smelly Sham? – Garlic’s Obscure Shadow

The Finest Life,
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