Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to stop annoying Game Invites

Hello! I wanted to make a quick blog about Game invites and apps on Facebook. I know I don't usually post things of this nature, but I have done FB training Webinars before that included this in the content.
Apps are used on Facebook for a variety of different reasons. Some apps are for games, while others are for petitions, and others Like weight loss tracking apps my company has. So I don't and really can not block all apps from my Facebook  But for the most part 99 % of Games are blocked.  I do play ONE game and to be respectful to my friends I do not send ANY INVITES to people that do not have that game on their Facebook  Now That does not mean that invites are not sent to folks who have that game allowed, but just do not play. There is no way for me to know that a player just doesn't play anymore. Until a player deletes that app, no one will. So I decided to make this post after a friend asked me to stop sending them invites. At first I was confused, because I don't send invites to people that App doesn't recognize as a permissioned player, then I understood. I have learned how to  block permissions and allow permission on my Facebook because that kind of thing used to annoy me a lot as well. So here it is folks a step by step instruction to stop unwanted app invites:

STEP ONE: Go to your home page and look to the left for this:
Click the "App Center" tab

STEP TWO: Once you are there click the "Requests" tab Like the one seen here

Step 3: Find the requests you no longer want any more of Like this:
Click the X button next to the "Play Now"

Step 4: This is what you should see:
Now Click the blue letters that say "Block @Hugs"  or the name of the APP you do not want invites from. DO NOT block all invites from the person unless you never want a request of ANY KIND from that friend. 

Step 5: Now you will Never get an invite from ANYONE using that app again , unless you decide at another time to use it. This is what you will see:

Now just confirm it and BAM! Happy Facebooking for you! 

I have HUNDREDS of apps blocked, ALL games are blocked except for ONE. I frequently have to remove CAUSES because it gets spammy. I do this simple step and I am free of it. Another thing that has helped me to clean up my news feed: There is a little arrow to the right of posts in the news feed, I tried to screen capture it, but it would not show. There is an option there to "HIDE STORY" click that and you won't see stuff in relation to that which you do not want to see. NEVER CLICK "Report"! If you find you want to do this; do yourself and your friend a favor, and delete them. Reporting someone to Facebook is plain yucky and UN friendly.
I hope this helps , this little bit of knowledge has GREATLY increased the joy of my Facebook experience. I hope it does for you too. Much Love :)

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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