Friday, November 30, 2012

So What Now?

As we are rapidly approaching the end of 2012, some of us may find ourselves thinking about the new year, or some may say the New Age.
So what now?
NOW, is what's now. No matter how you are experiencing these times, the one thing that binds us all is our NOW. Some people are so afraid of NEXT, they paralyse themselves with the fear of it instead of concentrating on RIGHT NOW. No matter what your goals are the only real tool we have is our preparation for it. You may not have all that you want to finalize or make solid your aspirations, but you do have your ability to be prepared for it. What would be the use of acquiring your goals if you are not in fact prepared to live with them.
Let me give you an example...Let's say your goal is to go to Hawaii and surf. That has been a dream of yours for years. Nothing ever quite worked out for it to happen. You weren't able to save the money for the trip...afford to take the time got married and had kids... Then one day an opportunity comes up to do have all the money you could need to go, your vacation time is good, and your children have moved out of the house and are independent of you for their welfare. You would think that being that this is a life long dream that you would be on the first plane to the you would think...But, in fact, you have not prepared a single NOW for this. You have gotten out of shape, your body has pains and aches that prevent you from even imagining getting on that board. You have lost sight of that goal and used excuses so long that 'life' got in your way and you became apathetic to your own dreams. Wasting them away.
INSTEAD of wasting your dreams away, with anticipation that so much needs to be going so right in order for you do accomplish that dream, you missed the real thing you would need to bring with you to the beach. That was physical preparedness. That only could have been attained by a lifetime of good will towards your body and mind.
In ANY situation and with any ends in mind, always look for the part of that dream that lives in your present moment. Do not take the leisure of your NOW for granted. You will always have a choice, be sure to act on the one that you really want, IN ALL WAYS.
The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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