Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shakin It Up Round Here

I have decided to go general with my blog design, I definitely loves my old one but found that I needed a change, as many of us do from time to time.I have added some social plug ins here so that you may join me in the 'virtual'social interactions. 
Maybe we could get to know each other more. 
That update is obvious as soon as you visited my page so I will get on with the meat of it.
 First, how are you feeling lately?
 Are you experiencing some shifting going on as well? 
I have to admit that I feel like a quickening is occurring. There is a lot going on in every aspect of our lives right now and it is head spinning at times. I am experiencing some amazing events.
 Maybe it is because we have a new life here in the home, maybe it is the moon and the stars, maybe it is the anticipation, or maybe it is a cumulation of it all...It is intense. 
Are you finding yourself in new beginnings, changing jobs, moving, travelling more or less? 
Have you just fallen in love or become newly single?
 I do understand that we are constantly experiencing changes, but is our perception of them becoming more acute?
 For me, it is. I feel deeply aware of massive shifts in my life.
 For me, there are many things evolving, and for the better. 
We are experiencing something unlike any other time, an unprecedented time. There are people being and becoming more than they ever could have dreamed of. 
Take note of the good more than ever now. It is important to be aware. 
Dedicate yourself to being aware of the best.
Be good to yourself.
The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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