Friday, October 19, 2012

Experiences and Vibration

Good day Dear Ones!
What is it that we experience? Where on earth do these things happen and are brought to our attention?
Today I had an experience that was quite unpleasant. It made me mad, pissed off and brought fury to me. Oh how I boiled, churning anger, boiled! And as I was boiling I was aware of a calm center inside of me and the message this 'experience' was attempting to send. Somehow, beneath the lava, I knew it was all okay.
Recently I had the opportunity to ask a question of the guides in a phone conversation. What was pointed out to me was my 'issue' with anger, or my seemingly inability to express it in my best interest. I rarely ever express my boundaries  and when I do, it has been a long time a comin. Any of you have that experience? Volcano?? Well, this situation gave me a opportunity to say how I felt a point. Ahh the point where I did not unleash the wrath of my tongue and my mind so fully as to damage. I gathered myself, even conducted a webinar directly after learning this bad news. I then contacted a trusted soul to seek council.
You see, when we experience something, it is always a result of the vibration we are offering. What I felt was betrayal and disappointment. So what I experienced alerts me to my misalignment with trust and satisfaction. No matter what, I am delivered what I am vibrating. I am humming along dreaming of sun showers and BAM, there is a sun shower. It is always how it has been. Have I always had command over attracting what I want in all aspects? NO, but I have always attracted how I felt. I have always known how powerful I am, yet never harnessed the power to create what I prefer.
Now, I am writing a new story. I am VERY powerful and easily attract my preferences all the time :) Yes That sure does feel better!
Not only did I receive the love and kindness from my council , I was directed at this video, and it sure is an example of how I do indeed attract what I prefer easily.

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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