Friday, July 20, 2012

Fundraiser For Cali, Please Share!

I was just feeling so much gratitude for the ability to give tonight. If you haven't heard of Cali yet, the video will explain. I thank you ViSalus for giving me and my family a new life full of love, hope and health... not to mention prosperity ♥ So with that being said, I am pledging to donate 50% of any initial earnings this weekend for Cali and his humans. If you have been thinking about the challenge, now is a really good time to start ♥ If you only want to donate to Cali here is her link :) Much Love!!!
 After sharing this intent with Cali's Humans, this is the amazing response I received:
Wow, Tara! Our family is speechless!!! We don't know what to say! What an amazing thing to do for our Cali and our family!!! We cannot believe the outpouring of love, compassion and support from so many wonderful people, like yourself! We are truly overwhelmed and humbled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We want you to know that any donations that are collected in excess of Cali's bills will be donated to the University of Florida's Pet Samaritan Fund, which helps families with extreme pet emergencies like Cali's, so not only will you be helping out our family, but potentially other families that are going through their own pet tragedy as well! You are truly amazing and words cannot express how grateful we are to you for your kindness and generosity! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! Wow! You are just amazing! Our posts and donations just soared in the last few hours, and it was probably because of you!!! Thank you so much!!! We pray that you will be blessed as you have blessed our family!!!
Whats even more AMAZING is one of my team mates in ViSalus are following suit!! Lets raise Some Money!!!! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!   Visit Cali's Fan Page to see how she is doing!!

 The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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