Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 58? Easy Street~ Water and Dreams

HELLO!!! I have not written in a bit! Tonight I have some interesting things to share. I have been focusing on the Million Dollar Intention and saying often in my mind through out the day. Especially at night before bed, Then as I sleep and dream I am lucid enough to keep it up, Like back ground music. I have had the most intense dreams, so amazing with all sorts of details and feelings. Even scary! Scary because of the symbolism I am seeing in them. I am indeed going through a total rebirth, and I have found that I have more contact with my guides than previously known. That can be what we call scary; but it is not so much, it is more of WHOA!! I heard that and I see that!!
The Powerful Man
One particular dream stands out the most. I am in a strange place like a town or small city, and there is a man there and he is powerful and a bit intimidating. He seems to know everything about me and is trying to get me to talk with him. I am afraid, and do not know how to react. The unknown freaks me out in the dream. I take off on a bicycle and ride  by where this man lives, not right up to his house, because I am afraid, but up the hill from him down a side road, where I can see his house. As I come up to his block, I slow down and look towards his house. I can see him there, sitting in his living room, looking out and up the hill, like he knew I would be riding by. He waves me over, I do not go, and in my mind I can here him say my name and he tells me to come to the house, he has many things to talk to me about, then he reveals things to me about myself that only I know. All of that was telepathic, and I take off on my bike and ride as fast as possible away to the out skirts of town. I can feel him smiling about it. I find a house with someone I went to high school with ( bit never really spoke too) and I go into the driveway and am greeted with friendliness and told to go a head and make my self comfortable as they are preparing for a celebration. I am nervous, and my high school 'friend' reassures me that it is good and brings me in to introduce me to people, then he excuses himself as he has things to pick up from town for the celebration. I relax, just a little and help with the preparations. Turns out there is a wedding going on that afternoon. So I drink a wine, fold napkins and just kind of blend in. 
It starts getting late, the gloaming is coming and the wedding party is beginning. Candles lit and so many people I do not know. Finally the high school 'friend' comes back and I say thank you and excuse myself. I am encouraged to stay, but I know I must go see the man. I get on my bike and head back to town. I wake before I see him again.

Another interesting thing that has been happening, is I have barely drank any coffee. I usually drink A LOT of coffee. I have gone a few day with out all together, and when I have , it is not much.
I have been drinking WAY MORE WATER. Like 6 to 7 liters a day!

I am not completely sure what all of this means, ( but I can assure you, the man in the dream does ) . I am noticing so much about myself and feeling really good about it. I am looking forward to more discovery or rather Un Covering of me. :)
Big Wonderful Things are happening to me and for me right now as I type this. And remember, don't be afraid of the unknown, because all that is out there is you.:)
Keep your eyes out for big things! I am headed to Miami this weekend for my companies yearly Conference and I am so excited about it, the experiences I will have and the Bold Upward Direction it will have on my business!

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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