Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Day is it ~Easy Street~ Awareness Begins

Late last night I was journaling when I discovered something about myself. It may seem small and insignificant to some. For me, especially since I am so abundance or orientated, it was a breakthrough awareness. You see yesterday I purchased a beautiful crystal that I desire to share space with. I wrote about it in my journal and I actually wrote, "I do not even feel guilty about it." I immediately laughed out loud at myself. Earlier in the day, directly after the transaction, I had verbalized an unsolicited 'justification' for this purchase to my daughter. WHERE in the world(s) would a MILLIONAIRE feel guilt about a small purchase like this one....???? WOW! What an awareness to discover so soon, even before my Documentation Awareness Experiment. I suppose that I had felt guilt about purchasing things that feel good to share space with. It reminded me of about 16 years ago, I used to indulge myself in a Milk bath once a week. I had read somewhere that milk is good for the skin and started buying 3 gallons of milk a week and putting it in my bath. I loved it, it was an easy way to treat myself and only cost me about $9. My uncle threw a fit about my extravagance....yet spending the money to buy him a drink or two at the bar was not considered extravagant....
I ceased this milk bath routine immediately....WHY? I felt guilt.
So Last night, after I laughed at myself, I immediately SWITCHED the thought. I have no guilt whats so ever for buying myself a beautiful crystal. I do not need to justify it to myself, I do not need a reason outside of; I wanted to.
NOW, I will pay particular attention to the times when I see this OLD feeling creep in in these regards. After all I am a MILLIONAIRE and part of that is the ability to acquire objects of my desire at whim. So I now fully embrace that with out any guilt. I am allowed. I give myself permission. Money flows to me easily and I have more than enough. What I have observed is that guilt about money and abundance will BLOCK you from receiving and enjoying it. I can understand this being a feeling I had for I do remember situations I have been in with it. And because of my strong desire to experience my full abundance and help others do that too, I must let go of the notion that I am not deserving. I deserve to have more, give more, and return more.
"If you feel you are not receiving, it not because it is not being sent."~ Bashar
I am open to receiving, I am lightened up. My burdens are not heavy, they are a joy. My Muscles are relaxed, my mind is clear, my heart is open.
 Ahhh reminds me of another thing. I used to take myself out on dates. I would get all dressed up and take myself to the movies and dinner. I would go to fancy restaurants and enjoy the time alone and tip really good. I never felt guilty about that :) And I never will. This will become a norm for me again.
THINGS are going so well for me INDEED!

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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