Sunday, June 24, 2012

Handy Man Wanted!

3D design I made at
Okay, The Baby is Coming and We need more space. SO I found this yesterday cruising through Pintrest and Said HECK, this would be an EXCELLENT bedroom for me and my pooches.
I am looking for a Handy Man that can help me build a room VERY SIMILAR to this. Minor differences like: Metal roof, Siding ( not metal ) Recycled materials like Pallets and Used Windows.  I think I would like the small wall to be in front and the bigger wall in back ( the rear would be facing south and it would be nice to have high transom windows in the rear to help keep me warm in the winter. ALSO I would love to see the rain Falling Down in front of the room with rain chains and water barrels:) If you can see my Vision, HELP A GIRL OUT!! I am not above doing this myself, I just need some Real directions I can understand and a helping  hand :) I could also use a table saw.
Take a look at this :
I am not Joking, I am serious. I could run an Extension cord with a strip for electric. I would still use the house for cooking and bathroom. This is going to be a piece of heaven!
I will be Checking with code compliance to see if I can have a NON permitted 100 square foot building, Or how big can it be with out a permit. This structure as is is 100 sq feet. If I can go up from there I would. I would be fitting a  Murphy Bed, a Chair or two and a desk :) So Put your thinking caps on folks and send me your handy man!!!  Call me, Email me, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME!!
My  First Sketch of the Front :)

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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