Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 37 ~Easy Street~ My Awareness

My entire life is surrounded by 90 day Challenges in a good way as you know. I begin a new one in the morning and am REALLY SIKED about it. I am going to integrate this 100 days of Reality shifting into this new challenge. A full explanation can be found here
This is going to take both of these coexisting challenges to a whole new level. Both will be far more profound for it. I am focusing on new personal awareness and will be relentlessly recording as much of my day as possible. This is not something I will use against myself it will only be for myself. It is my intention to get to know myself on a more deeply loving level. It is my intention to be gentle with what I discover and accepting. If I see something I want to alter; instead of being berating or overly self critical, I will merely shift a degree at a time until what Iam observing is more in alignment with who IAM. I have set intentions on how to begin my day and end my day. I am intending to be more deliberate with my actions and produce more joy. It is my intention to experience the freedom of deliberation. Creating and loving more and more of myself and my experiences. I know my power and I am intending on tapping into it and utilizing the gifts I have and have to give. My heart is open and allowing!!
Results for today:
Beautiful meditation and jog. Quality time with my loved ones. I even purchased myself a gift! It is beautiful! Wanna see? It will be here in a few days!
This is its meaning [I chose Marilyn's Words because I like them] :  Selenite Spiral from The Chrysalis Stone. Selenite is a stone of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions. It is also a sweet Angel stone, for angelic guidance. With it you can access past lives. It also promotes good business practices. It removes energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies. It also is said in crystal healing lore to remove blockages for healing, align the spine, good for the skeleton, and decrease epilepsy and seizures. It also has the ability to clear and enhance the energy of other stones that are placed it on or near it.
 So much is going so well and I am very happy about today! Here's to the morrow! Cheers!
The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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