Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 34 ~Easy Street!~ Sweet day

Good day loves! Today has been peaceful and sweet. I feel abundant and happy. I even received a "Beautiful Blogger Award" nomination on my wordpress blog! Felt good to be recognized by a fellow blogger and one that I totally enjoy!
I totally Love it!!! 
So tonight I watched a love story movie, which I rarely ever do. And it was sweet indeed.
Golly Zack is cute!
I couldn't resist! 
Any how, I watched a few very enlightening videos today and the flow is here. I am in it. I feel it, breath it, and love it.
I mowed some of the lawn today and did some dishes. Sara comes home from metrocon tomorrow and I cant wait to see her face.
I have yet to find a running shoe sponsor, so I am going to get some glue. I really want to keep up with my jogging no matter what is going on with my shoes :) I may even earn the money for the shoes I want. Wanna see em? I 'll show you :) 
They are the perfect shoe for me and my running style, my feet and my height and weight. I love that they are American made. They are called the Brooks Ghost 5 and I just know that these are meant for me and I will find a way. 
I am feeling so abundant and rich as I am. So much is going so well for me.
Off I go for now. Keep smiling!!

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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