Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 33 or So ~Easy Street~

Feeling great to day, peaceful, relaxed.
Marilyn made an excellent video I want to share with you all

It was for day 25 but I did not see it until today, Perfect timing INDEED! Let her words sit and resonate with you a bit. I love to declare my future for all to see, as you can tell. And I encourage people to go a head and powerfully declare their future as well. I have also wondered why anyone would hold back and  have even made assumptions about it. After watching this I felt liberated. It is difficult to explain, and I will try anyway. I felt freed from my constant wanting others to reveal themselves. Why was I so hung up on that, I am not sure. Maybe I want the world to leap with me. That's not a bad thing per se, it is just that it is attached to so much ego and not source. It is also a reflection of how I have had so many experiences where I had felt stifled and rejected because of my dreams. I kept SO MUCH to myself for so long and it did me no good. BUT that doesn't mean that keeping some to myself won't NOW. I am not the little girl that had these experiences STILL. I am me and no one is laughing or ridiculing me anymore [and when they are, I move on from it swiftly]. NOW, I see things very differently...I recognize that all my goals and aspirations are coming to me, on the way [actually, it is quite literally the other way around...THEY are Manifested, I am going to them and they are coming to me simultaneously]. This makes me happy and I feel liberated :) I recently posted in Facebook that I was watching a movie. That Movie has some uncomfortable sexual assault scenes. One of my friends immediately identified herself with her experience with a sexual assault she experienced. I kind of got annoyed because I saw her claiming it so much for so long, as if she is the only woman that has experienced that.  When you continually identify yourself with a past experience, especially a bad one, you imprison yourself. Living that experience over and over, till all that you are is that experience. Now you can break that if you want to, unless you prefer to be the victim and not the victor. 
Great advice huh... well I should take it. If I continually identify myself with situations and experiences that were not pleasing or down right horrible, I become that which I despise. And by the LAW I attract that unto me.
SO I declare to you all NOW and to myself, that I am no longer identified by my ugly feeling past. I choose only the beauty in it and from it. I see the silver lining in every experience that I remember. 
From time to time we do get reminded of the nasties, and that is okay, what is a sin [SIN: to depart voluntarily from Source] is to continue to be defined by it. Our stories are OUR stories, they INSPIRE and lift us. Have you ever read an inspiring story of one that come up from a place you could never dare to fathom.... Some of you may have that story your selves. You are not a victim, I am not a victim, we are ALIVE and that makes us VICTORIOUS. Just like the Phoenix, we are reborn into every Moment that is NOW. 
So Off to NOW my friends, be open to love, share and understand the value of a secret. I am going to keep some :)

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. Wonderful, Tara, I'm celebrating your freedom with you! ♥

    1. We be Dancing!! My Allowing skills are getting way better than I have Allowed before :)