Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 23 Easy Street ~Addicted to Disappointment

Big Results today! I received a Surprise gift today from My CEO and ViSalus, Ryan Blair.
All through out the day I had this feeling of ease and lightness, and this made me very happy. I realized that sometimes we take things way too seriously. We expect things to be HARD like we were programmed to believe for so many years. It is simply not true, easier ways are always available to us if we just choose to pay attention and see them. That is not to disqualify pain and suffering as a means to an end..... oh wait a minute here... YES IT DOES. We owe it to ourselves to give our mind credit for finding the path that suits us the best. I find that when I make things out to be more difficult than they need to be, I suffer because it brings me to a place of resistance. Resistance is Futile. Sure there will be challenges as we go, sacrifices even, but all of it is worth the while and is not usually regarded as pain. When we equate our hard work with pain, we end up resentful. Now that is not as productive as being in the flow of it all. I see, time and time again, people reaching for their desires in the most difficult way possible, when I know their minds are completely capable of finding an easier way. Choosing the Hardest way does not Qualify a person More, it just means they chose the hardest way. We are infinitely intelligent beings, born from and part of source and I feel to purposefully make living our lives Difficultly is original sin. Hard work and diligence does not equate with Suffering. When we choose to Suffer we choose death. Stress is the Number one cause of DisEase, and we constantly put ourselves under Undue stress. WHY? Because we are addicted to failure and suffering. It is Pure Self Sabotage to continue that way. If we wanted to make a MILLION dollars, we certainly would not work for a dollar a day. If we wanted to be healthier, we would not Starve ourselves. If we wanted to make more friends, we would not isolate ourselves. We are not Isolated, Starving, Slaves, and it is high time we gave ourselves the deep respect we deserve. When things are too hard and we quit them ( this is assuming you are a Waken) we are not failing, we are moving on. When we Berate ourselves for not sticking to a challenge that was not to our liking, we are not martyrs, we are addicted. Often times I witness people (myself included) embark on things that are not any more effective in reaching our desires as being Isolated, Starving, Slaves. Why do we do that? Conditioning? Addiction to disappointment? Self Sabotage? Over run With Ego?
Take it easy, It could be worse, and once you realize an addiction it becomes a choice and than it becomes Way easier to spot these self destructive cycles. If you want to run a Marathon, You Train for it, you don't just buy a pair of Nike's and try to run one.
Start Easier and work up your belief, adding challenges as you become stronger and your OLD belief systems are no longer in place to Stop you. Stop trying to run a Marathon, and start training for a at a time. The opportunity and joy awaits you as soon as you allow it.
I feel free for the first time in Many years, I am so down stream right now, and everything is so much easier. Why? Because I chose it to be.

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

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