Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 17 Easy Street ~Lighten Up

WOWZERS!!! If you have been following my Easy Street Days, You see that Day 16 was Just as I had ordered!!! I am blown away!! So happy!!!!!!  Here is a Pic of Just some of the Promotions in my team yesterday!
I can not wait to see what happens tomorrow as our company extended the month one more day!!! I love the abundance that occurs here. Life is Good!!! And more are rollin in as I write this Blog!!
One very special story I want to share with you is so beautiful and heartwarming! Here it is!!!
" AMEN! After a horrific experience, 2 major shoulder surgeries that involved steal plates and screws, thinking I would never really be able to use my arm again, having my precious grand baby looking up at me with his arms up wanting grandma to pick him up and I wasn't physical able to (talk about a heart breaker) Then having something else hit you out of the blue that totally devastated my life, I pretty much gave up. I couldn't get out of bed, I was on mega depression meds, pain pills, valiium, ativan and sleeping pills. I was so out of it one night my best friend Joyce, who lives in another state was so worried she called 911. I was put in the hospital then from there transported to a crisis center under suicide watch. I just flat didn't care anymore. Then Visalus came into my life. I am off all medication, feel great, can lift my arm over my head and lift 40 lbs without pain. My outlook is great and my energy is off the chart. I have never felt so good or have been so happy. Yes, I just shared some very personally details of my life, things my family didn't even know and the reason I did it was to just express my love for Visalus. I don't want to sound hokey but I really feel Visalus saved my life. I can not say enough about this amazing product. I am LOVING life once again, something that I thought I would never experince again this is coming from the heart. I LOVE my Vi! " ~ Teri McDowell Strode MacClemmy
WHAT!! I love it!!!
Anyways, let me get to my intentions for today.

  • I intend to be peaceful and calm
  • I intend to be happy.
  • I intend to have a prosperous day in life, love and business.
Yeap, keepin it simple and groovy!! Peace!!!!!
Ahh and a Newly Simplified Vision Board :)
90 day Vision Board June1 to September 1.
I am a proud owner of a awesome pool home.
I am a proud earner of the Visalus BMW.
I have a new Wardrobe.
I have earned, been gifted and won One Million Dollars.
I love my new Ipod, Jogging is so much more fun.
I am living in a healthier, sexier body.

The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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