Saturday, May 26, 2012

What To Do ... Day 12 Easy Street

I noticed that I was being obsessive with the idea that there must be something I needed to do to Rid myself of my resentments. I may be tapping into what many of you experience, the need to DO something about it, what ever it is. Unfortunately that is not a CURE for anything. Imagine, some of us are actually trying to Cure ourselves of  things that do not need curing. No amount of doing will undo the past. Time to love the NOW.
Sure, there are things to do, in the sense of actions we can take in the now that bring us peace and happiness, and none of them will erase the past or feelings you had then. They may ( most certainly ) assist you in processing old feelings when they arise, but they can not change those old feelings into to the enlightened ones you are choosing now. All they assist you in is getting back to the present moment so that those old feelings do not permeate into your NOW.
If you find yourself 'working' on some aspect of yourself that you keep insisting is what is wrong with you, you are going to keep applying the past into your present, therefore creating a future, you no longer wish to have.
We are not BAD people for having the feelings we did. We just had them, that was a reflection of our consciousness at the time; it is not an indicator of the consciousness we have now.
So My intentions for today are to be light, and easy. Only praise and love for my self and the wholeness that I am part of. Take it easy, and take it anyway loves!!!
I am intending that this video plays smoothly for you :)

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. I love it Tara! Easy Street was good today! You manifested that money baby! Early money is good money!

    1. YES!! INDEED! So much fun getting money early! Best part the money was easy to get period :)