Monday, May 28, 2012

My Preferred Reality! Day 14 Easy Street

Tomorrow marks the First Birthday of my preferred reality! Pretty exciting stuff indeed! Here is my description of my new life [ I am happily carrying over a few Amazing things from my old reality].
I AM a Multi- Millionaire. I easily create, attract, and earn millions of dollars a year. I am a world traveler. I am physically fit, the person that gets up in the morning and busts out a 5 mile run, the person who does yoga to connect my physical body with my spiritual one. I surf and snorkel. The ocean is my favorite place and I live in a Beautiful Ocean front estate. My home is made of the finest materials and craftsmanship, no expense has been spared. I have plenty of room for family and friends, and I hold the most awesome challenge parties there. I am HUGELY successful in my home based business, my real estate ventures, and my investments. I am a philanthropist and personally sponsor families living expenses for a year at a time. I have a foundation for new entrepreneurs providing initial start up costs [scholarships] for those that want to partner with me in my business, just do not have the financial ability to do that. I also provide the funding and land for my Community Farm foundation.
 I love to party and go to many and have many parties. I love to be at the beach. I love to go on business trips and Fun trips. I have a beautiful garden. I have beautiful landscape. I employ a whole slew of staff to help me live the way I want too.  My Home is always clean and bright. I tip well, I pay well, and I enjoy it.
My life is full of fun and travel. I am at ease and display a level of comfort that puts everyone I come in contact with at ease.
I surround myself with the finest things and experiences in life and have deep meaningful relationships with family and friends.
I am an author of personal development books and often have speaking engagements.
I am interviewed by amazing people.
I have a LOT of money and the supply is endless.
I am free of ant pain I have felt in the past. I am Oneness and whole, safe and sound, fun and exhilarating, generous and inspirational. I AM a Balanced Multi Millionaire!
I dance in the rain.
I meditate. I AM a Multi Millionaire!
And this is my View:

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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