Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Intentions and Prepaving May 8th

Well, well, well, what do we have here but a sleepless Tara! I just got done laying in bed for about an hour and a half and my mind was racing and my legs felt like pacing. I learned long ago that when this kind of thing happens, to go a head and get up and get something done. I have been getting ready and getting excited about another 100 days with the Law of Attraction group on Facebook. Part of this 100 day challenge I am wanting to increase my 'prepaving' and 'gratitude journaling'. Over all, I just want to focus on being a more intentional person, adding meditation, to deepen my connection.
So as I lay in bed I thought to myself, 'Why not right out your intentions for the new day? Why not just get up and get it done ;) do you really need to wait until the 15th to start? Wouldn't it be real nice if you just got up and got something done that will help you to maximize your day? '
So with the moonlight shining and my mind racing, I got up and came out to the computer to set my intentions (prepave).  So as I look for a great video by Abraham Hicks  to help you understand what I mean by 'prepave' I will explain it to you as best as I can. It is my intention to make it very clear, what prepaving is and how elemental it is to a day well done. It is just a bit deeper than your average affirmations and a little bit more broad than segment intending. Prepaving is when you set an intention for specific events that you are manifesting into your day. Let me explain what it is not. Have you ever noticed that when you just wake and thrust yourself into the world anything could happen and it may not be what you are wanting to happen. Ever notice when one bad thing happens after another, like a snow ball or like my Mom used to say "Bad things always happen in Three's". Have you ever noticed the difference between those days and the ones where you have some sort of plan. The days where you have mapped things out a bit, may not always go perfectly to you, but they are far more enjoyable then those that are not. I am not talking about lack of spontaneity, I am talking about chaos. See the seemingly carefree, happy, spontaneous ones are actually being pretty darn deliberate about their day. They prepave almost every moment, segment intending is their best friend. They find joy and abundance in moments where others would never. Prepaving is deliberate intentions focused on the desires of the person making them. It is full blown Joy attracting on purpose. Prepavers are NOWISTS! Lets now hear how Abraham Explains it :) This is FUN :)

You are smiling, and I love it!!
So here I go:
It is my intention to sleep deeply this morning. I will have enlightened dreams that support my spirit. i will awaken when my body tells me to, fully refreshed and feeling great. It is my intention to feel my body awaken and drink a long drink of water. I will greet the day with joy and great expectation. Before I do anything like work, I will put my sneakers on and go for a very pleasant jog with Lucy. When we return, we will have a long drink of water, and I will continue to exercise. It is my intention to do Crossfit. I love to sweat!
It is my intention to enjoy my breakfast and drink it slowly and deliberately. While I do that, I will be seated quietly, outside, and I will listen to the birds. When I am done with my breakfast, I will thank the birds and the bugs and the dogs and the plants for their company and head in to write in my fitness blog then syndicate it.
After that I will check my voice mails, my emails, and in boxes. There I will find a message or two from a visionary that wants to learn more about my business. I will return calls and set up appointments for later in the day. I will also effectively contact all of my down line and they will invite three of their friends to the Live Broadcast at 8 pm.
It is my intention to attract 2 new ESS's to my business tomorrow. They will be ready, willing, and able to seal the deal and eager to get started on their training. I will set up GST training with them in the evening.
It is my intention to create a solid presentation for my Live broadcasts so that I can be a better conduit for the information the people that attend are wanting to know. I will generate 3 serious clients and or business partners from my 8 o'clock Live broadcast. I will not be the only one. It is my intention that at least 3 people per team mate comes and attends the live broadcast and follow up with them and express their seriousness. It is my Intention that these short and fun live broadcasts assists my team in creating abundance as well. It is my intention that we help as many people as possible to begin their journey on achieving personal victories on 90 day challenge at a time TODAY.
It is my intention to eat good and delicious food. It is my intention to be happy and smiling through out the day. It is my intention to be deliberate in my happiness with out exception or compromise.
I intend on listening to more audio and video that increases my personal development.
I intend on enjoying every moment in every way. It is my intention that total well-being is my constant predominant vibration all day.
NOW, I will reread this and I am deeply grateful for my intentions because I know that what I am wanting wants me just the same. It is my job to want it. I allow my universal manager to take care of the details while I live in my intent.
Blessed Be!!
Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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