Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Illusion of Scarcity ~There are NO LIMITS

There is no lack, there is no shortage. And there is no competition.  The Illusion of Scarcity is the core of frustration and perpetrated lack. It is the fuel behind all sorts of limiting belief systems that have been put in place to keep most people in a position of fear. That is the reason why people hold on to JOBS they hate relationships that are not good for them, and in situations that are not good in general.It is the reason why people develop faulty thought processes that block them from full realization of the truth.
David Icke calls it 'Combing the Mirror'  When we believe we need to go outside of ourselves for things we want, we live in a state of  lack, and with those thoughts of lack, we, by the LAW of ATTRACTION, continue to bring experiences of LACK into our perception. It is nasty and empty there and causes so much heart ache and pain. It is a Thought Conditioning YOU must over come to be a success in life an in Business.
If you find yourself constantly scorning someone elses success or beauty, you are practicing the thought patterns of LACK.  People that live in the illusion of scarcity thrive off of negative rumors, especially about successful people. They live a dramatic life, and can often be heard saying things like, "Why Me". These people are  fed this mentality daily by media whose intention is to keep the population in this state. They watch the news too much, they are always in front of a TV These people are always in the middle of some kind of personal drama, and often have very difficult lives. Once in a while you will see them have a measure of success, but they guard it so greedily, it is only maintained with harsh measures, and generally doesn't last. Wealth is more than material possessions, it is EVERYTHING. Do not be fooled into thinking that material possession is the END ALL in being wealthy. material wealth is a SIDE EFFECT of  your mental wealth. The old saying "Do what you love and the Money will follow" is the TRUTH. The only people that will tell you different than that are the very people you may want to start ignoring or eliminate completely from your life. Actually, it is a must, do not fear losing them, you have much assistance and company, you will never be at a lack. LOOSE the thoughts that you will lack. At all costs MAKE THIS HAPPEN FOR YOURSELF.

" If Humans would just answer the rich treasures that exist within themselves, including the ENDLESS supply of material and spiritual wealth that they CURRENTLY hold, They could never be afraid again. If humans would allow themselves to physically discern the many angels and spirit guides that surround them, they could never feel alone or friendless gain. If humans would be unafraid to seeing their beloved deceased ones they would instantly lose all fear of death." ~ The Fairies Channeled by Doreen Virtue.

 Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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