Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hello Regional

Good Morning! I was counting my blessings and bidding fair the well to April when I realized I had a lot of Really great things go down in April, especially with my business. In April, I reached the promotion of Director!  My Team rallied around and got it done! I am so blessed that I work with such determined and amazing people. I want to thank each and everyone of them for their love and support, their gogetitness, their tenacity and powerful persistence. Michael Burns, Sara Litardo, Jessica Grunewald, Kerry Sill, Susan Toeller, Sandra Copeland and Les Robertson are the essence of the VI Life.  We have proven to be a very powerful force in many peoples lives ALREADY and we are all just getting started!
This Amazing Month of May is going to bring BIG things for all of us. Everyone is going to be at the rank of Director or above! I claim the rank of Regional. This will be a major advancement for me and allow me to assist my team even MORE in reaching their goals.
Let me explain what these new promotions will mean for my team and me:

Remain Active, have 3 Legs of $125, and a total of $2,000 Group Qualification Volume (GQV) per month.
Potential Earnings: $500-$1,500/m

Remain Active, have 3 Legs of $125, and a total of $12,500 GQV per month with 60% Rank Criteria. Potential Earnings: $1,500/m – $3,000/m {This Rank also includes a $300-$600 car bonus paid monthly, ESS promoters qualify for this additional bonus}

I am so happy to feel this amazing anticipation, knowing full well that what we want wants us. 
Together we can accomplish amazing things. 
If you have been thinking about this opportunity for total well being, now is a really good time to team up with us!
Fill out this Form with your Seriousness.
We have an Easy System in place that will propel you on your ViSalus Career path. We have Solid Leadership with in our Mother Team, The VIP Challengers,  In April, this is how we rolled :)

Our team volume hit $6,000,000 + in monthly sales...

That's over $72 MILLION a year!

That's a WHOLE lotta LIVES being changed by people joining 
the 90 Day Challenge!!

We are Hosting Virtual Challenge parties DAILY. So If you would like to me Me face to face and learn more about the Body By Vi Challenge, learn more about it here:

Skype: tarawoodruff71

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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