Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Okay! Marilyn has Spiced up our 100 day Reality Shift Challenge ( I affectionately call EASY STREET). On our 15th day; which is the 29th of this month, we will celebrate our BIRTHDAY! This is to mark the BIRTH DAY of our preferred reality. Listen here to get the drift:

Now this is what I call Magikal! Now I feel that in order to be have this birth, there must be a death. SO before I design my Preferred Reality, I will let die those things that will not be coming with me. Saying good bye to resentment! My Intention for these next few days is to identify my resentments that I have been carrying around all these years, and just let them be. Leave them in their proper time and space. Recognizing the way I FELT does not still have to be the way I FEEL. I choose different feelings now. I do not have to be in DEFENSE mode when a subject I used to have pain about is brought up. I can recognize and allow how I felt, understanding why I felt with out feeling compelled to justify it or re-solidify it in my present experience. Over the past few weeks I have noticed loud and clear things I have been allowing myself to continue to feel regarding certain things. For example: My Dad and how he used his money. My Grandmother and how she used her money. My Daughters Father and how he used his money, and how he was not the right man for me. My old JOB and how I was used and how I felt like a slave. I have found myself explode inside when these topics have been brought up. It is what my Uncle Denny used to call, the chip on my shoulder. LOLOLOL More like the MANY chips! I see it and know with all of my heart that I no longer want to experience the pain these situations made me feel any longer. I no longer need to, it does not serve me now at all. I will be leaving those pains to the times they belong in, not dragging them around with me as I evolve into this amazing BEING. The new Birth I am having this May 29th does not accommodate, entertain, or feel that way ANY MORE. I am free to move on, and live my life to its fullest. IAM.
If you are ready to release yourself from the emotional slavery you put yourself through, this is a great time to address those issues and leave them behind. It is a great time to enlist the support you have to help you do that.

When you Change the belief to, "I do deserve to create a reality of effortlessness and ease, and I will be supported,” then that’s the reality you will get; the universe will support you 100% in that direction. Because now that’s what you believe.” All you need to do is be willing to recognize that 100% trust in the direction you prefer will create the reality you desire to experience.
POWERFUL words from Bashar
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  2. This is amazing post! We now will shift to our true selves !

  3. Love it, Tara, you are FREEEEEEEE!!! ♥♥♥