Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gratitude for Today, Intentions for Tomorrow

Iam so deeply grateful for the rain! We had rain all day ! I love the rain for so many reasons. I love it for the garden, I love it for the way it cools the air, and I love it for the peaceful feeling it gives me.
Today I am grateful for the book I am reading and the person that wrote it. Iam grateful for what I am learning about myself and the significance of the negative attachment I have had, especially about money. I see now that my resistance is totally based on ego and does not define me nor does it have the ability to define my abundance unless I continue to hold those thoughts from my egotistical perspective.
Iam grateful for the laughter and love I shared with my family. I am grateful for the frogs. I am thrilled that I witnessed a double rainbow this evening. Iam grateful for the amazing people I work with in the business I do.
My intentions for tomorrow are:
1. I will waken from my sleep refreshed and ready.
2. I intend on going for an excellent morning jog with Charlie.
3. I intend to work tomorrow; Inviting new people to investigate my opportunity, Making calls and reaching out.
4. It is my intention to help 2 people come into the business. They will be a perfect match for me and will be ready to do what it takes, and be what it takes. One of these people will be local to me.
5. It is my intention to assist my team in any way possible.
6. I intend on further inner study and personal development.
7. I intend on creating another video and getting it uploaded.
8. I intend on feeling good, confident, and relaxed.
Iam safe and sound. Iam open to the unlimited abundant being that Iam.
Tara Woodruff
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