Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Facebook Timeline Covers

As an Network Marketer and a Helpful one at that, I can not any longer ignore the subject of the Timeline for Facebook. As many of you know, I uses Facebook to keep in touch with Friends and Family, and to build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. I was Ecstatic about the possibilities for the new profile platform both for business and personal reasons.
At first I made all sorts of timeline covers advertising my business or special incentives related to my business. I used my link, my phone name it, I did it. It wasn't until recently that I heard that Facebook had strict rules about what you can feature in a Timeline Cover Photo. This is VITAL information for ANYONE, including new network marketers, and seasoned network marketers, or the regular Joe that wants to support a cause in their Timeline photo. The text below is linked directly to the page I found this information on.

So with that being said, leave your Website, phone number, and such off your timeline cover. Now I have not heard of or witnessed anyone get in trouble or have their account suspended for any of the reasons above, but I certainly would not want anyone to have it happen. Be gentle in your advertising, and leave it off your timeline cover photo.
As for making your timeline cover totally awesome, I use the size of 955 x 388. I create it at Xheader then edit it at Picmonkey. There are a few really excellent free timeline cover sites to use as well, My favorite is : .I also Highly recommend that you give photo credit if it is not yours. You would put that info in the description of your timeline cover. Once you have made it your timeline, click the picture and add the photo source to it and any link that can direct someone back to the photographer or graphic artist.

Here are some Cover I have put together :) I love Timeline!!

 photo images-728x90_zpsbfcc8581.jpg

 photo images-728x90_zpsbfcc8581.jpg

 photo images-728x90_zpsbfcc8581.jpg

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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