Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 16 Easy Street ~ My Business Partners

I am so blessed with a wide variety of business partners. Each and everyone of them has a beautiful and inspiring story to tell.It is my intention to see each and every one of them have great success this Month. June is their Month. Each and every one of my business partners are going to re launch their business and dig in. They will follow the simple system we have in place to hit Regional Director with in 30 days. Each and every one of my business partners will have at least one Challenge party a week. They will invite at least 3 people and those three people will bring 3 of their friends. The success of my team has me singing and crying with joy. The dedication and servant driven leadership in my team is amazing. It is my intention to welcome new team members and help those new members do the same. What does this mean? Each existing team member will enroll 3 new team members and help them achieve Rising Star in their first 7 days. And then they will do it again all while we assist everyone else do it, again and again. It is my intention that my team will grow easily and gracefully. We will naturally attract ready willing and able business partners. We are magnets for ready, willing and able business partners. We are growing at exponential rates. This is the plan :
As I build my Amazing team and work with the most amazing leaders, I have found the KEY to the Fastest way to Earn success! The most prized promotion is the First; RISING STAR DIRECTOR. The BEST time to earn it is with in your first 7 days. It is simple, Follow the Get Started Training and Sponsor 3 ACTIVE distributors and $2000 in Group Qualifying Volume ( GQV is the total in team sales including Distributor Packs). Those who achieve this in 7 days are in POSITION to reach our Second Position with in 30 to 45 days. That Position is Regional Director and it is the position with the $600 BMW bonus. To Qualify for Regional Director, a promoter needs to have 3 ACTIVE distributors and $12,500 in GQV. Those who reach these positions the fastest Enter the Business as an ESS+( Executive Success System ). Let me break down the scenario for you. The ESS+ gives the new Promoter 75 samples to share with their Network; 25 Starter packs and 50 Sample Packs. They also receive over $600 in Products to Kick Start their Personal Challenge, giving them their extensive knowledge of the product line from EXPERIENCE. AND the Most important aspect of the ESS+ kit is the $999 in volume. RSD ( Rising Star Director)= 3 active Distributors and $2000 in GQV ESS+ = $999 in Volume That leave’s the new Business Partner with $1001 , and 3 ACTIVE Distributors to reach RSD in 7 days. If the New Promoter brings in 3 New people to their team at the same Business Kit, they have $3996 in total GQV. They are Now Rising Star Directors. If their team does the same in their first week, that gives the Promoter $12,987 in GQV by week 2. That makes the the 2 week old Promoter Regional Director and BMW Qualified. They earn DOUBLE Bonuses for life because they earned Rising Star Director and they helped 12 people earn Rising Star Director as well! And Because the new 3 week old Promoter is continually prospecting, they are building their WAITING ROOM to hold contests for their team, with the ability to help them reach Regional Director as well. (The above volume does not reflect this because each person will vary according to effort, Kyle Pacetti made a run for AMBASSADOR in 45 days and achieved it with 12 New ESS+ team member’s in his first 30 days.) This is the Very Essence of Leverage. Make your Money work for you and you will work far less. The ESS+ Promoter Package is for those who are ready to SUCCEED NOW. I am Ready Willing and Able to help you launch your new Visalus Business TODAY. This is the smartest way to be involved with this MULTI MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS (which is on track to be the FIRST Network Marketing Company to reach a BILLION in sales in North America Alone) *Be Aware that Visalus has not launched outside of North America YET, and when it does WATCH OUT!
 The Finest Life,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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