Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 15 Easy Street! I love Birthdays!!

With out surprise, I absolutely Loved my first day as a Multi millionaire! Felt real good! I love clean sheets!!
My intentions for day 16 are as follows:
Get as high a vibration as I can and HOLD it all day! I intend on listening to some pretty freaking amazing rich people audios through out my work day. I will also have Baroque playing constantly.
First thing in the morning I am going to complete an entire Seane Corne Yoga DVD. Then I will relax on my inversion table.
I intend on attracting other visionaries to share my business with. I will attract one very 'ready , willing and able' business partner and they will make the decision to partner up with me after they have reviewed the information. They will see the impact we are making and realize the business investment is a solid one to be involved with. This person will be coachable with out excuses or complaints.
I am still shopping for my new home, I have so many options to choose from. So keep your eyes out for OCEAN front Estates [ 10 acres or more preferred ] . I like warm year round weather, so Florida is good. I am not opposed to living in other countries as well, I do love Costa Rica, Mexico, and I must admit, South Africa has some amazing homes. It would not hurt my feelings to live in Spain, or Italy as well.
Golly!! I will find the perfect place that suits all of my desires and it will happen at the exact right time, WHY, cause I know my Universal manager is on it and they NEVER fail.
Ohh I did some style shopping today!!
Nice right!! 
Anniston rock's the style!
My First Million is On its way! It will be fully manifested via, my business, gifts and winnings with in this next 90 days. Ohhhh I love that!!! 

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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