Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 1 of 100 Days of Easy Street!

Oh how I love this intro video Marilyn made for us! Please sit back and enjoy for a moment!
Okay, today is day one of the 100 day Law of Attraction Challenge that  I am doing with the members of the Law of Attraction Results Group.
I am very excited about this 100 days! And yes Iam  in the knowing that this manifesting is so easy. WHAT?? Easy?? Yes indeed! we are manifesting ALL of the time, problem is most of us manifest what we do not want by constantly complaining and worrying, or waiting... you know the waiting we do....when I than I is a constant thing I hear from folks all the time. SO now I no longer hear it...I am finished with it.Here are a few things that I am going to be focusing on in this 100 days of EASY STREET.

  1. Being clear to myself and the universe what my intentions are.
  2. Being in the state of gratitude and looking for thing, feelings, events to be grateful for NO MATTER WHAT.
  3. NO complaining.
  4. No negative people places or things, NO MATTER WHAT, WHO or WHY.
  5. Clearing all resistance I have held on to before, getting in the now and forgiving and allowing the REAL lessons to be learned.
  6. Being aware of speaking in present tense, it is not "I will" it is IAM.
Initially I wanted to do most of this on Video. That will have to wait a few weeks. so Keep your eyes out for my blog posts. This 100 days of Easy Street is so delightful and fun!
As a result of my clarity and my shift of consciousness, I am seeing great Spiritual advancements, Physical improvements, and Financial abundance. It is so easy!! I am an AMAZING manifester! In this 100 days Iam experiencing great relaxation and peace. Iam the Abundance of the Universe manifested in Human Form!

Keep your Eyes on this Playlist because I will be adding video there :)


Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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