Tuesday, May 29, 2012

12:12 Day 15! it's My Birthday!!!

Ohh absolute Deliciousness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! TO MEEE!!! Ohh it feels so good ! I am so excited to share this beautiful event with you! I have been born from a beautiful gestational time of 40 years. Oh how I love my brand newness!! I Know why I am here and I am so grateful now to be. So many details of my happiness, Things like fresh sheets Everyday! Fresh Sheets EVERYDAY!!! The finest linen, crisp whites to beautiful color. Pillows, quilts, EVERYTHING!! Fresh sheets Daily!! Now that is one of the most beautiful experiences of my Preferred reality.

I can fee the crisp, clean and cool sheets! I can smell them and how refreshing they are. Pillows fluffed, windows open, ocean breeze, smell and sounds wafting through the room. Chimes in the distance [a deep sounding one (or two), resembling a buoy bell]. Oh yes, the sweetness of it all surrounds me. 
This is part of my everyday experience being a fit happy healthy loving loved generous multi-millionaire! ♥ And I deeply Appreciate it So much!

 Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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