Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rachel Jackson and Her Challenge Results

I was reading an interview with Rachel Jackson in "Business From Home" and i was really blown away! I mean I KNEW she is a Top earner in my Company, ViSalus, but I did not know all of the details of her career with ViSalus.
Interesting facts:

  1. Rachel Jackson is 27 years old!
  2. She joined the company 14 months ago
  3. She is a College Drop out
  4. She had moderate success for 4 years before Visalus [in direct sales]
  5. She was 21 when she entered the industry leaving behind a retail job she hated.
  6. Rachel is in The VIP Challengers Team [ MY team, in my support up line]
  7. She currently earns $100,000 a month with ViSalus [ remember , Rachel has only been in the company 14 months ]
Please Check out the Interview >>>>>>

I will leave you with PRICELESS Rachel Jackson Advice

  • Work harder on yourself then on your business. People join you, not companies, products or compensation plans.
  • Never pre-judge anybody on your list. It's not up to YOU if this is right for them, give everybody you know an opportunity to see your plan. The worst feeling in the world is to go to your company convention and see your second cousin sitting in a leader's banquet. They exclaim "How come you never told me?!" Ugh, kick in the gut!
  • Use tools to share. Don't BE the tool. Nobody will ever be as good as you, as passionate as you, as detailed as you. Talk to people, send them to a simple message, follow up and enroll (Like my good friend Tom Challan would always say!) – I've never once given a break down of the compensation plan. I just send them to a tool (like a video) that explains it.
  • Build your network. Make new friends daily. Be an inspirational, positive light in their life and don't have the focus of your relationships on trying to GET THEM IN your business. That time will come, if it's meant to be.
  • Get more no's in a day, than most people talk to in a week. CRUSH & BOOM!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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