Saturday, April 28, 2012

[Part 1] Practical Magic for Work at Home Mom's and Dad's

Good Morning!! SO happy to be up early this morning!! I feel good! This post is for all of the Work at Home Mom's and Dad's And the Mom's and Dad's that want to start working from home.
There are some things you must get in order so that this Amazing adventure can be as smooth as possible. There are so many things that Working From Home entails. I. myself am a FULL TIME network marketer. And along the way I have learned many valuable lessons that will help you to get organized and focused. Your job is to be honest with yourselves, and to Loose any excuses that you are currently using to thwart your success.
Let me get this Straight out in the Open:
EXCUSES are well thought out lies you tell yourself and others.
If you want something bad enough, you will find a WAY, if you don't you will find an Excuse. So now is a really good time to take a look at what you have been telling yourself and buckle down so That You can make this work.
There are Four Areas of your life that you will need to get Serious about RIGHT AWAY

  1. Personal Development. Personal Development is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD. For real! The better you are, the better EVERYONE and EVERYTHING becomes as a result. You must develop your FAITH, your Self Esteem. Your Ability to focus your mind on what YOU want to focus it on so that you can Create the results you are looking for. You must develop your ability to let go and allow. In order to be a success in business, family, health, life, personal development is an area you must always be focusing on. Daily. No excuses. Wealthy people spend MORE MONEY on their Libraries than any other thing in the world. True Fact, NON FICTION. They attend seminars, read books, listen to audio tapes, research and study the behaviors of others that are success's. In the age of the Internet, YOU can find and utilize thousands of Personal Development tools FREE. One of the goals of your financial success MUST BE TO BE ABLE TO BUY the tickets to that seminar or build that library, and as you are working at that, you can listen to THOUSANDS of YouTube Videos, and Pod-casts. You can get on  conference calls. The supply of Personal Abundance is INFINITE. 
  2. Organize. Some of us were raised in homes where organization was the norm, some of us were not. Either way, you have to get organized. You will have to develop and nurture organization in your life and your surroundings. This means you will need to work on eliminating procrastination. YES I mean it, You will have to stop waiting to get the things you need done and DO THEM as soon as you see them. If your home and work space is highly disorganized, I suggest you CHALLENGE yourself NOW to Organize it! One Room a Day, Completely Clean and organize until the entire house is done. Start with the least used rooms to the most. By the time you reach your kitchen and office, You will have given yourself valuable skills to tackle those areas. That is how I did it. We have 6 rooms and it took us 7 days to completely toss what we do not need, and clean up and organize what we did. Now the home is Far easier to keep, and no longer gets in our way when we are working. Clutter will stop you in your tracks, and it must be eliminated. I Highly suggest you go to Right Now and sign up for Jeffery Combs' FREE 7 Day Procrastination Recovery Program. YOU will gain insight about Procrastination and Clutter that YOU NEED to understand NOW. [THERE is so much more to this site I HIGHLY recommend you go there and listen to ALL the recorded Conference calls and get on ALL of the ones Available. Save your money, if you don't have it now, For Jeffery Comb's Personal Coaching Sessions. ] 
  3. Work with what You have.  Do not look at your circumstances as limitations. NO MATTER WHAT, you still have to get started. There are thousands of other people that stated with what you have or less, and they did not quit or let that get in their way. Listen to yourself right now: what is it that you see as holding you back? Often times I hear "I don't have a car." as a major reason why the person is moving  at a undesirable pace towards their goals. If your Mobility is limited, you are going to have to work with what you have until you have more to work with. This means you will have to develop your Internet Marketing Skills. You will have to start a blog, make videos, etc. Just because you can't get out there right now does not mean you can't get them to come to you. If your business requires presentation, You will have to find a way to do them. Facebook is the second largest population in the world, go make some friends. Utilize Social networks to build your list. make friends, create a Presence and BRAND YOURSELF.
  4. PREPAVE PREPAVE PREPAVE. Every night before you go to sleep, make a decision on how you want your tomorrow to go and set your intentions on it. Writing this out is Important. Start your sentences with "It is My Intention to...." Then as you sleep, the mind will work and the path will be laid for those intentions to reveal themselves. When you wake, Look at that list again, and Then Say "Thank you." Be thankful NOW for what is coming and the universe will find a way to bring it to you. Remember this: WHAT YOU WANT WANTS YOU.
I will be Posting more Blog entries with more in depth insight, Subscribe by email to stay on top of my latest entries [you can find that close to the top right of the page].  I have much insight to add, because I have had every excuse and MANY circumstances that would have stopped MOST dead in their tracks. You have got to want to succeed more than You want to Breath. You must make that COMMITMENT NOW.
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