Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello World!!!
I want to talk to you today about my Life in Montauk. I grew up in this Beautiful little town. I was what you would call a Local and I had the Best and Worst times of my life there. I know what it is like to watch my Mom work two full time jobs 4 to 6 months a year just to starve it out. I know what it is like to survive there in the traditional sense of the word. I woke up myself in the morning to get ready for school, I came home to an empty house. This is not to bash MOM, My MOM is the most amazing dedicated women I know. She did EVERYTHING for me and for the love of me!
As I grew up, I quickly saw that I too was going to have to live [if you call it that] just like her. Not to Excel, but just to survive, barely getting by. I worked as a Bartender, deli Clerk and a Waitress. I busted my butt. Never made enough money, quickly became a heavy drinker and party animal. [Some of my Montauk People will KNOW this intimately, I Partied Like I was gonna Die tomorrow]

My Question to all of you that still live there is....Are you sick and tired of working 2 jobs all summer long just to be laid off all winter? Are you sick and tired of never getting your head above the water? Are you sick and tired of  not spending the summers at the beach with your children and friends? Are you SICK and Tired of the cost of FOOD at IGA? Are you tired of Driving to Bridghampton and Riverhead just to get that food a little cheaper??
Now I want you to IMAGINE THIS:
Being able to replace 2 meals a day for less than $2.00 each? Imagine the MONEY you would save. IMAGINE feeling Great because of the Nutrition Your Body is being Flooded!! Imagine having a Healthy Snack for your children that they will LOVE and is Good for them too! IMAGINE being able to help Fellow Montauk people achieve Personal Victories one 90 day challenge at a time? IMAGINE driving a BMW that ViSalus Pays for? Imagine being able to vacation WHENEVER you want [even at home]. Imagine having the financial independence those summer tourists have. Imagine waking up when you want, working when you want, and playing when you want. Imagine being the inside of one of those amazing restaurants with out being there to work. IMAGINE not having to compete with the massive influx of summer workers for JOBS.
I know that there is at least ONE of you that is tired of seeing the towns wealth circulate among the few.
Would you rather Watch this Sunset as a customer or as a bartender?

Here is What ViSalus is all about:
Go to My Website and Listen up
If YOU are THE MONTAUKIAN that is READY to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH You need to Fill out my Business Application to express your seriousness :
*the reason for this application is I am busy helping people make money Right now and do not have time for the 'curious'. You should KNOW after reviewing the overview on my Website if this is for you, if you are not sure, RESEARCH it, then fill out the application. I Understand what it is like and I am ready to get you to where you want to be, but you must be COMMITTED to your success not just 'interested' in it. THIS is an ALL or nothing Deal. Tire Kickers will not be entertained.*

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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