Saturday, April 7, 2012

Active Gratitude Journal

Friday I met with a gentleman,   He introduced me to something pretty extraordinary; The Live Gratitude Journal. Now many of you have followed me or joined me in various different gratitude exercises.
When he explained this Live Gratitude Journal to me, I got super excited about it and I must share with you all!
1~ Get yourself a notebook. Preferably a small one you can carry with you. It can be anything, the grocery list type or a fancy schamacy one. Just be sure it will be brought with you everywhere and that you will have access to it ALL DAY.
2~ Dedicate 21 FULL DAYS to this exercise. You can make it longer , but do not make it shorter.
3~ Every day, prepare yourself to be on the look out for good things and experiences.
4~ As you are aware of those things, relish in it, and take the time, right there, to write : 'I am so grateful for...'. DO NOT ABBREVIATE ; ALWAYS WRITE IT ALL THE WAY OUT.
4~ Do that for ATLEAST 10 different experiences throughout your day. More is good, but never less than ten.
5~ Review this every night before sleep.
6~ If you are like me, get creative. ~Write a blog about it at the end of the day.
~ Draw pictures
~ Do a video recap...etc
What ever you want. The only rules are that you do it for 21 days, do it live, and review it at night.
I will be doing a video series as I go, so keep your eyes out!!
Much Love and Abundance,

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