Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When the Lights Went out in .....

First thing First! I want to express to you all my deepest Gratitude! My life has been so amazing and it just got better!
Many of you know that Last year in February, I quit my JOB! I stepped out on faith and QUIT!
Remember this ???

This came from my FINAL Stand with the JOB I had which was this:

My last day was in February. I launched Nana's Garden with my daughter and we were off to plant food gardens in everyone's yards.That totally fell apart!!!! Big time! Just as that was falling apart My dear friend Anita Yarbrough finally got the YES from me. She had introduced me to the Challenge back when I first quit my job and I said NO! Two weeks after I finally said YES, the 'circumstances' that came as a result of my decision to quit my job commenced. My Lights had been shut off, my water had been shut off. I was FINISHED. I was devastated. My Car got repo'd , I had no money. All I had was this amazing opportunity "THE BODY BY VI CHALLENGE" and a strong desire to make it work REGARDLESS of any echo's from the life I had led up till then. It was all just as I embarked on the 100 day "IT IS MINE" as well.
So what has happened since then:
I worked my Visalus Business as hard as possible, packing up every morning and going to the library to work the business on the internet.
I learned how to cook pasta over a grill. I learned how to take a full body bath with a gallon of water. I learned how to walk long distances to get places I needed to be. I learned how to choose the Better feeling thought and keep my attitude and my spirits up no matter what. I became a happier person, a more focused person, And eliminated Excuses from my mind and heart. I kept going, and believing that I deserved to be a success. Believing that I could achieve the things my amazing leaders have achieved. I went to conventions. I had tasting parties in the park. I never quit, not once. I never considered it. I just kept moving towards what I want for my life and what I want for my life just kept moving towards me.
Today and amazing thing happened. I was able to get my electricity  and my water back on! Tomorrow I stay home to be there for the workers that will come to turn everything back on! I can do laundry again. I can take a hot shower again. I can cook dinner again. I can mop the floor every day. I can give the dogs a bath.
NEVER EVER complain about the bills you have. Happily pay them. If Your job doesn't pay you enough, find another opportunity that will help you to do it. Your life is way to valuable to waste for a 40/40 plan. You are here to expand, You are here to do your best. One of the biggest blessings I have ever had other than the one's I have had today, are the blessings of the past 4 months of no lights and water. I learned that Christmas can be amazing with some grilled spaghetti and family. I learned that all the excuses I had used through out my whole life were just a bunch of well thought out lies. Do not wait to follow your dreams! Be Willing to sacrifice for them. Be willing and ready for CHALLENGES to come your way. Keep choosing the better feeling thought. Keep your heads in the Clouds and BELIEVE!
Now for you to see some Really AMAZING things Go down here in this Life!
I am going to the top and I am taking as many people with me as possible!

 I have a VERY LONG LIST OF PEOPLE That supported me through this! A very Long list! So much love and abundance is coming to you all!!! I  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. You are such an inspiration Tara! What a beautiful blog post. I am so blessed to have spend the weekend with you in KC (and on that long car ride from Florida to Kansas) and I can truly say what a BEAUTIFUL person you are on the inside and out. I am beaming with joy and tears are falling down my face at what you have been through, at this HUGE blessing today and at the INCREDIBLE success that is in store for you in the days ahead. I LOVE YOU!!!

    1. Thank you so much Jill! Together, we are changing the world!

  2. I love you Tara and am blessed to have such an amazing STRONG person that I can call FRIEND! You are a true friend, with an amazing heart. You just will never know the power you have given me to NEVER GIVE UP! Oh by the way I love the VI LIFE!!!!! To the TOP WE GO BABY!

    1. OMG!! I love you! We are gonna rock this! What a blessing this company has been to me! And you are one of them!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. WOOHOOO!!! COngrats!!!

    1. I love you Marilyn! Thank you for all your love!!