Monday, March 5, 2012

Life is SO good!

I have been blogging my but off, but have been neglecting this one! So I came and logged in to really just revamp the look. I removed my Affiliates and left only banners that are MY Business. I softened the look to something more feminine, I usually favor darker colors. This feels so good and it reflects how awesome life has been for me.
Business is going so well, I am very happy that I am now actually HELPING people that want the help. They are getting healthy, saving money and some are even making money! ViSalus is the vehicle that I am using to Turn my whole life around!  
Sara and I did the calculations of how much weight our family has lost...READY? Mom has lost 65, Sara has lost 22, Arsenio has lost 30 and I have lost 20! That's 137 pounds since October!!! Holy Moly! Life is good! I started Jogging at night and waking and doing Yoga/Pilates. Our entire lifestyle has turned for the better! I am on my way to Regional Director and that means I will be QUALIFIED for my ViSalus BMW! Oh Yeah Baby! I have very special plans for this bonus while I build my credit back up! Stay tuned!
I find that gratitude, faith,edification and the Knowing have shifted everything! No More Worries!
This is all for now. I will be writing soon!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -


  1. Hey Tara, I like the new look, especially the mobile view is really great! :)

  2. Thank you DasNuk! I really needed to girly it up and I agree, Mobile is very nice!