Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Positive Impact January 2012

Now that most of the Festivities are finished for the time being, It is time for me to declare my January Goals for Business. I am a firm believer in not only setting year long goals , but 30 day, 60 day, and OBVIOUSLY 90 day goals. So I have sat down and got real honest with myself about where I am placing my business outcomes for the first month of this year. End Strong Start FAST is the momentum I am flowing with. First let me review some Stats that are of great importance to the field of Direct Sales and Internet Marketing (This is very important for all of us, this playing field is LEVELED): 82.4% of the woman in the United States that earn $100,000/year do it in THIS INDUSTRY. More Millionaires are MADE in the Direct Sales industry than any other. Direct Sales is the HIGHEST paid profession in the US. More people LEAVE this industry because of the AUTO SHIP, more than any other reason. With that being said, I have made it MY priority to POSITIVELY impact the lives of 12 people this month. The 12 must be business minded, methodical, passionate, and tenacious. These 12 people must be ready to launch a 6 figure income 2012, ready to Earn THE BMW company car and the company 'vanishing' Auto Ship. Myself and My Amazing TEAM will provide them with all of the training needed. We have a Duplicatable SYSTEM in place that has assisted THOUSANDS of people to 6 Figure Incomes with our company. Get in Position with me and THE #1 Home Based Business opportunity in AMERICA. Enter your contact information Here: http://tarawoodruff.bodybyvi.com and I will personally contact you for a qualifying interview and get you started NOW. The earlier the better to qualify for my Months End Special Incentive* Things to consider: How much do you want to catapult your life to the next level? Is your WHY bigger than your Problems? Do you take full responsibility for your life? Do you have a positive outlook? Do you feel that life is unfair? Do you have room in your bank account for more money? Is there a charity or mission you want to be a bigger contributor to than you can now? Are you ready to be paid based on Performance not by whim of the 'economy'? Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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  1. Thanks for the positive thoughts! I would love to be one of the 12 lucky people!

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  2. that is the mindset to achieve the goal we've been wanting, love to be the lucky 12 :)

  3. This is ver interesting, if you prefer as an apprentice. I will definitely join you to positivity

  4. This is very interesting, if you prefer men as an apprentice. I will definitely join you to positivity.