Thursday, January 26, 2012


In this beautiful time of my life the word and feeling of HOPE keeps coming up. Today I have a wonderful story of hope. There is a young man that regulars the library where I do most of my work these days. He is a wonderful person and I personally know him. He is young and full of great spirit, but you can see that things are not 'perfect' for him. Though he is often surrounded by his loved ones, I wanted to see HOPE in his eyes. If you look closely at him, a person can see that he is in need of a pair of shoes, his are old, and there are holes in the soles. He is constantly applying for work on the computers all day, and I often wanted to encourage him to go a head and walk into a place he would like to work at, then I realize why he does not. Today, employers will either take total advantage of the guy that needs a job or they will not give one because they are afraid that the guy is desperate, thus suspect.

Back to the story of hope I witnessed today. This young man was at the computer doing his thing, when a gentleman came over to him and asked to speak with him. He said to him, "God told me to speak to you. I couldn't help but notice your shoes and I have a pair that will fit perfect." He pulled out a pair of good running sneakers, with great treads and handed them to the young man, he also gave him a small amount of money.

The HOPE I saw in that young mans eyes filled me up so much. The wisdom of the gentleman to listen to god, gave me even more hope than I already have. I see endless possibilities for all!!!
When you and I feel an IMPULSE we have about 6 seconds to act on it. Those impulses our our higher voice guiding us toward our dreams. The time is NOW to have HOPE.

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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