Friday, January 13, 2012

Extra! In The Flow of Appreciation

Oh yes! I am in extra deep gratitude tonight. Iam so thankful that source has now lined me up with a new home! It feels so delicious to walk into the door of this amazing residence. The sound of the floor boards gently sqeaking under my happy feet. The fresh breeze drifting in from the open windows. I love to move from room to room , amazed with the detail of this home. It feels so good in my heart to  know I am home. I love to sit On the beautiful furniture I have purchased for our new home. I love to cook beautiful meals for family and friends in my gorgeous kitchen. My bedroom is beautiful! It over looks my huge back yard, it has it's own private bath! I have a serene yoga/meditation room, I converted one of the spare bedrooms just for this purpose. Everything about this beautiful home fills my soul with deep gratitude! I had so much fun decorating and painting! It feels as though the house is grateful for the love I put into it. I feel safe and sound, peaceful, and focused here. I so much love my office ! What an inspired place for me to work! I love my gardens, my guest house, my garage, my everything! Thank you so much for making this easy for me. So spectacular how everything fell into place perfectly. The timing could not have been more perfect. It brings me great joy to live here! Sitting on the wrap around porch, admiring the thoughtful skill of the builders. How it has stood the test of time , as if it was built just for me! Thank you so much for my new home!!!
Feast your eyes !! Yummmm!

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