Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 7 *In The Flow of Appreciation*

Today I am so grateful for so many things!

  • My Beautiful Daughter! I am so proud of her and how she has grown into such an amazing young woman! She has so much going for her and I am excited about her future!
  • My Amazing Business! I am so excited about the people I am attracting to it, both Promoters and Challengers alike! It feels so good to be part of this amazing opportunity and so happy to be in the position to help thousands of people take a positive stand for their health and their finances!
  • My Business partners! I am blown away at their determination to help people like me to achieve my dreams. When ever I need some help or a boost they are here for me!
  • The Rain! I love the rain! So much about rain to love! Waters my garden, fills my rain barrels, brings grubs to the surface so my chickens can have a feast!
  • The Library!
  • The amazing WiFi I have been getting at the house! 
  • The fact that I woke up this morning in this cutting edge world! It feels so amazing to be alive in times like these! Our potential is LIMITLESS!
  • My Drive and determination to live my life to the fullest!
  • Coffee!!
I am so deeply feeling the Flow of appreciation for my stellar intentions NOW!

DL Cunningham Photography
  • Thank you for the $5,000 that is coming into my life right now!
  • My BMW bonus! Yes Yes! I am loving my Paid for BMW! This is What it Looks Like!!!
  • The Delicious and Healthy Dinner I will be having tonight!
  • Hitting the Rank of Rising Star Director this Month! That's right! It is MINE! This momentum I am experiencing is a CLUE as to my promotion in this CHALLENGE. It flows so easily for me, I attract amazing business partners and as I am consistent with daily actions towards my goals, I achieve NON STOP.
  • The amazing Vacations I can enjoy with my Family! I love to travel in High Style to the most beautiful Places on this amazing Planet!
  • I love being pampered! That includes dining at the finest restaurants around the world!
  • I love to collect beautiful things! I am a LOVER of fine art Like the art you see above (DL Cunningham Photography) My Eyes feast on this sublime example of Fine ART! This particular Artist Is My Daughters Photography IDOL! I encourage you all to go to her Facebook Page and Enjoy her talent! Fills my Heart with Love as well as my Eyes with beauty!
  • My Kitchen! It is a Chefs Delight! So INSPIRING!!! Everything is the Perfect height, the perfect surfaces, the most innovative way to cook and prepare our meals! 
  • My AMAZING Body! I love how great I look and feel! I am so happy now that I can wear what ever clothes I want, physically be able to do adventurous activities ( I LOVE SURFING!)

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

ViSalus Challenger Promoter -

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  1. Great List of things to be thankful for! And very motivational as well!