Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 6 *IN THE FLOW of Appreciation*

HELLOOOO!!! I am so pumped today! Yes indeed Iam! I am so deeply appreciating :
  • Boiled Peanuts! Today I tried them for the first time and I am really siked about it! I can not believe I never even thought of having them before! I love them and can not wait to make em myself and experiment with seasoning! I am thinking a garlic and onion boiled peanut would just blow me away!
  • My Size 16 jeans! Thats right I am wearing them right now!
  • Lee and Anita Yarbrough, my amazing business partners that rock my world!
  • My amazing nieghbors that helped me to get the side of my house straightened up!
  • My MOM
  • My daughter Sara 
  • Sara's Awesome Boyfriend Arsenio
  • ViSalus and the Challenge for being the best business and health opportunity! I love it!
  • Sammy
  • Technology! I love that I can connect with thousands of people all across the world!
  • My Awesome Dogs! I love em!! Oh yes I do!
  • My ever expanding Mind!!
I AM so deeply grateful NOW that:
  • The money that is flowing into my life from so many directions! I love the flow of money, and it loves me. It seems as though I am standing right in the most amazing abundance at all times. Constant, Large amounts of it!
  • My Real Esate Agent, she is excellent at hunting down the perfect home for me! I am excited about moving into my new home! YES YES YES!
  • My Amazing team of Go getters! I love working with people that never give up on their dreams.
  • The awesome customers that I attract! They rock their Challenges and get their product for free! Nothing tastes better than free!
  • My Accountant! Expert in Home Based Business, she has been able to maximize my returns!! I love that!
  • My Size 7 jeans!! Whoa, I not only look great, but feel great! I LOVE my new body! YES INDEED!
  • The Yoga Retreat in Saluyita! I can not wait to learn to surf and deepen my yoga practice as well!

Much Love,
Tara Woodruff

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